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background from neyo video


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for an event coming up, we are looking for a similar material to the background on neyo's video for 'because of you'.

See http://youtube.com/watch?v=n-FdoZdfpmE


initially, I thought is was some form of egg crate type material perhaps a foam. However looking closely (pause the video on the head to waist shot at 11 seconds) it looks like some kind of woven material but looks like it has quite a bit of depth between materials. I have had a bit of a google and am struggling to find something similar.


Has anyone got any ideas as to


a)what it is


b)where I can get it


any help would be massivly appreciatted





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If you pause at around 36 seconds it gives a somewhat flatter impression. To me it looks more like it is a flat sheet of metal (or metal look-a-like) with checkerboard squares of abrasions/scratches in different directions.


If you are looking for something similar have a look at diamond plate, take a look at Google images for an idea of what it looks like. I realise that it is quite a bit different, but it might serve as a suitable similar if you cant find the specific product.

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