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Connecting WYSIWYG v10 with Congo Offline Editor


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I have been told that the Congo Offline Editor will connect to WYSIWYG v10 even though the console is not listed.


I am trying to connect via the ETC Net2 and failing miserably.


Could somebody please offer an idiots guide, with the required setup from opening both programs?



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If the ETC Net2 link isn't working for your WYSIWYG, then you can try the IPX connection instead.


Install the Congo WYG drivers - http://www.etcconnect.com/docs/docs_downlo...river_setup.zip


Then install the IPX/SPX protocol onto your PC: (Under WinXP)

START > Settings > Network Connections


Right Click (on the network connection attached between the system running Congo and the system running WYSIWYG) > Properties > Install > Protocol > Add > NWLink IPX/SPX > OK > Close

- If both are running on the same PC, pick a cabled network connection, preferably one that has a real network connected to it. This doesn't always work.


WYG 10 appears to think a Congo is a Pronto, so you'll want to connect to that instead of Congo. (They use the same IPX protocol)


If that works, with WYSIWYG running you will see a "V" on the bottom right of the taskbar on the system running WYSIWYG. Double click on it and you will have the option of setting your IPX Network number.


Congo Offline defaults to 9, so set the WYSIWYG driver to 9 as well.

Unfortunately it doesn't seem to persist, so you'll probably need to do this each time you start WYG.


In Congo, you may want to tick "WYSIWYG/SandNet/Capture link" under [setup]>Output - this enables live channel selection information to be passed between the visualiser and the console.


(As opposed to Capture 2005, where it automagically detects all sources and universes on the network and you just assign them to internal universes as needed. Why CAST didn't do something similar is completely beyond me.)

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