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run chase from a fat frog


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Hi there

I have a sunstrip active- basically 10 halogen blinder effect in one.


I have created a chase whereby 1st 2 lights come on, then off and 3rd and 4th come on etc etc - and this chase runs ad infinitum.


When I run it from the memory stack it works every time.


I have transferred it to the submasters and tried both with and without time.


However every time I run the chase from a sub the 1st 2 lights come on and thats it - no chase


I go back to memory stack again and all works fine


Any ideas ????




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I am guessing that you have set the chase up as a manual chase or to use the beat button. There is a step button associated with the submasters. Use that to either set the chase timing if you are in beat mode or if in manual then hitting it will step you through the chase. Have a look at the modifier buttons to see which mode you have your chase set in.





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