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Spares for Teatro Talento 575MSR Followspot


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Hi all,


I need to get some spares for some 'wonderful' Teatro Talento followspots. They are the 575MSR models and the art number is 01570551 (although I'm not entirely sure what this is, I reckon it's probably the model number...)


I need a cooling fan and the plate that goes over it to stop the light spilling out everywhere.


The fan I could probably get from RS, maybe: 175-7195? But I'm worried about the max temp rating and can't find a mains rated one much higher.

And the plate I could probably make. But Ideally I'd like the correct parts. Call me fussy.


We've tried our usual lines, so was wondering if any had, knew who did, or even knew if the RS part would be ok?


Thanks for any advice!

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