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Yamaha LS9-32 Glitching Head Amps


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Glad to write my first post here !!!


Recently got 2 brand new Yamaha LS9-32's after having seen and "felt" them at last year's Plasa. ( not heard them though ... )


I am dismayed that the head amp control is not a continuously variable control.

At certain repeatable positions, a relay sound click inside the desk, coincides with a few milliseconds of loss of audio on the channel that is selected. As if the gain is not continuously variable, but in "ranges" like a switched gain control !!


Does this happen to your LS9 desks too ?

Does the M7CL have this annoying feel too ?





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Yes you are right.


All digitally controlled Yamaha headamps have a automatic pad switch in the form of a relay built in to them, form LS9's to PM1D's.


This is because they want to make a circuit with as little noise in it as possible while still having a fairly simple and cheap headamp construction.


I've worked with every Yamaha digital desk and never felt this to be a problem.



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Although the relay switched attenuator does click at certain defined points this is not a practical issue. You will only hear the click or dropout as you are initially setting the input gain, whilst mixing this will not change. If your source changes (different band or scene) then use the store facility to hold the right settings.


Ps You can get the correct setting for each channel by turning the channel down and using PFL, then the noise doesn't go into the mix.

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As Brian points out. this is really only an initial setup issue.


When you are in the show scenario you wont be touching the gains because you've set them up during a soundcheck. That's the idea anyway. Yes they all do it. If your gain structure is set ok then this should never need to happen during a show. If something comes along and plugs in to that channel and its 40dB lower then you are going to be messing about on any board getting that amount of gain back, so a bit of a click here and there is the least of your worries.

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I agree that its a rehearsal event when you're touching the gain controls.


However, for PPL that are using this in live a scenario, like for broadcast, recording, conferences...

When using Handheld rovings, for example, ( in my experience ) the gain is one of the most knobs that is being touched. And you'll have these short dropouts.


Would be much better if it was a "soundcraft" like, gain knob from line to mic without those steps.


My 2c


I am surprised that M7cl and PM5 desks have the same issues.

My Innovason's show none of this artifact. Its a continuous and smooth gain change from line to mic.




I feel just slightly...a little bit better on the LS9's now.



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Would be much better if it was a "soundcraft" like, gain knob from line to mic without those steps.


On most (lower end) desks, you have to hit a pad switch to get between mic & line. That's one button I would never ever touch without muting the channel first. I don't see a problem with applying the same practices with a digital desk.


As an aside, I've never had the pleasure of using one of Yammy's live desks so haven't heard of or experienced this issue first hand but it certainly would have thown me the first time. When the time comes, I'll now be prepared for it. Every day's a school day & all that ;)

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