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Foot Control for Lighting


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Hi Peeps!


I am looking for a lighting controller that can be used onstage by a band with a low budget that are playing small venues, and are busy on stage. They are only wanting one or two lights each and the only states they need are 'all on', 'all off', and 'sound to light'.


In addition I need a 3-4 channel dimmer (controlled by the above), I know about alpha packs but I am looking.... (I can't bring my self to say it) low budget.

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As you only want all on/all off....


Small plastic box from maplin...

Strong switch.


lead from the box/switch to another larger box.



1x 13a plug/wire to supply mains..

1x mains relay connected to the switch.

1x output to the light.


the end


should cost mere pennies.


Edit: just noticed sound to light requirements... that is another story....

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We bought a system from Terralec. 2 x DMX Dimmerpacks, 1 x DMX foot controller, 8 x PAR56 lanterns, stands, cables etc and the whole lot cost under ukp400. Don't know whether that fits the "cheap" requirement but its brilliant and does everything we want for the type of gigs we're doing.
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For anyone else looking at this thread, can I recommend NOT buying the Ryger Footlight unit? It's still on sale from some places. The main flaw with it is that the fuses (which seem to be really easily blown) are mounted inside the unit, so the only way to replace them is dismantling the entire unit. And due to the rather shoddy design, it's a real pig of a job to put the thing back together again.
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