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Is it possible to mix active with passive speakers??


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Sorry to be an idiot, but what does that mean in layman's terms??


The signal from your desk is going to have to get to the amps of the passive speakers & the amps of the powered Mackies. This shouldn't be too hard, I imagine you can link out of the amps you have, to the Mackies.


If you amp does not have link connections on the inputs, then you can go to the Mackies first, and use their link back to the amps. This will however require more cable.


Adding extra speakers to "top up" a rig though is a complicated business to get right. Have a search for "Comb Filtering"


A better solution may be to add some subs (and a crossover & second amp) to your existing system. Mackie's powered subs will include the amp & crossover, as will many other makes.


In fact, thinking about it this may be what you meant in the first place! :wacko:

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^^Read Mark's, It's better than mine. ^^


They will work fine.


However you will need to split the signal from the desk, 1 to go to the current system and 1 to go the new one. However the input the the mackie boxes is split and has an output also that you can use to feed into your amps.


So it goes :


output > mackie box's > current amps.

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The way the speakers work together is very important. You may gain very little and make the overall sound much worse by doing so. Adding speakers the same as what you have now may work if they are able to array suitably, this will increase coverage or add spl together. Comb filtering can be a problem but not as much as if you start throwing alsorts of different boxes together. What exactly do you want to add to the system? if its more volume then another pair of boxes is sometimes the way to go, but other times its certainly not. A few times at different venues I've been faced with an awful sounding system consisting of 2 or 4 boxes per side and I've improved the sound, volume, clarity and speech intel just by turning half of them off.



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