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Scene Setter 48 Channel


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Hi all,


Currently looing into controllers for basic band work and basic stuff like 'uplighting' walls and such.


Anyway.. I have been looking around and came across this lighting controller.. and would love to know what you think of it? One of the concerns that I had is that it may be a bit limiting.. as I am unsure whether you can programme more than one DMX channel to a fader.. which would be ok to start with.. but limiting if I expanded with more lights.. (say LED pars with 5 channels each)





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Just had a quick look at a catalogue, (for once had the right one at home :) ) and it only appears to be able to output 48 channels. Similarly the Scenesetter 24, only does 24.



thanks :-)


Have been looking into it and now looking at getting some computer software and then having a controller inputting to the pc.. should work wonders :-D

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This desk is badged under several names, the Showtec Showmaster 48 http://www.showfotos.nl/manuals/SHOWTEC%20...0Rev_2007-E.pdf is one. The desk is limited to 48 channels but is a good economical desk for a school. You can program a scene to have several channels under one fader but cannot soft patch to allow additional channels beyond the desks 48 channel limit.
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