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projector advice needed


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I am producing a show - cabaret/variety - travelling around various venues.

I need some help and advice re: projector.

I believe it would need to be about 4000 lumens in order to work in some ambient light, and also under stage lighting. I also need it to be reliable and good to travel. It will be flightcased and foamed, but I also need to be able to fly it, so it would need to come in under the dimensions (41") of cabin baggage, and weight - 7kgs including the flightcase - which I will build or buy from lightweight materials - ie aerolight or similar case - not heavey wooden flightcase.


Bearing in mind that every venue is different and some of the clubs will not be ideal. I therefore need to cover every angle ( literally). The projector would need to do back and front projection and cover the screen working from various angles - (flown and on the floor).

The fan should not be too noisey as it could be in a small venue close to the audience.

Screen size would vary up to 6/8 metres wide but also could be down to 2m width - again according to venue. So I would need lens shift I think??

and of course all on a remote control.


and of course - budget - I do not expect it to be cheap, but I cannot afford to spend thousands of $$$$

One suggestion is: SANYO PLC XU 100/110...........


Any help or advice would be appreciated....





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Most of the sanyo or Christies badged sanyos would do ya. But you must remember the flying frame for it will also add quite abit of weight.

Also the bigger the screen size/projected image the dimmer it will be. Front will always be brighter than rear because of the material makeup...1s reflective and 1 isn't..sorry if it sounds like I'm teaching granny a little egg sucking.

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