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I'm relatively new to this beast, and whilst I am slowly figuring it out, there are a couple of things that are confusing me.


First one - I have programmed some groups (nice and easy - and I've confirmed they are working), and then I have assigned them to the faders on the fader wing by holding GROUP and clicking the button above the first fader. I know this step has worked as the name of the group appears above the fader. Excellent. However, when I raise the fader - nothing. Any suggestions on that one would be most appreciated.


Secondly and perhaps more annoyingly is an issue when it comes to entering any numbers into screens other than live or preset. For example, if I want to patch a scroller using the patch wizard, when I come to entering the number of the fixture I want to assign the scroller to, I can't. I click in the box where I need to enter the relevant data, yet when I type a number in, it doesn't get entered - it seems to be continually passed to the live window. I'm sure this is something very simple that I'm overlooking, but it's stopping me from assigning my scrollers at the moment, so any help on this one would likewise be appreciated.


It looks like a lovely desk and I'm sure it's very quick to use once you get your head round it! Thanks in advance for your advice guys ;)

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I do believe that groups contain no intensity information so bringing up the fader is just selecting that group not affecting their level. Had you recorded it as a preset ("sub" in old money) it would have done what you wanted. Set up the channels as you want them then press and hold [record] whilst pressing the button for wherever you want to put them. That has recorded them as a sub (or a preset in the 800 range, in fact) which can be recalled using the fader.


The groups are best recalled using the direct selects, so you'd press the relevant button then type @ @ to bring them up.


The patch wizard is for setting up the desk when first starting a new show and wanting everything in consecutive channels. If you want to do anything other than that you should go into the patch edit screen by simply pressing [patch]. Then you can do whatever you want.


Hope that helps.

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A+ to both of those answers! Thanks very much - I will try it out later :)

Actually, Groups can contain intensity - they will contain whatever intensity the selected channels have when you record the group. So, if you want to run your groups on Master Playbacks, you just need to make sure the channels are active (intensity >0%) when you record the group. You can also use Presets, as suggested. The difference between Groups and Presets is that Presets may be used in Sequences and may contain attribute data. Groups are mainly used to speed channel selection, but they can also contain intensity information for quick recall.


I hope this helps -


Thanks -



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Hi Andrew,


If you go to the ETC website user forum for Congo you will find a very easy to follow tutorial that will walk you through all the basic operations of the console.




You'll also find the dates for training at out London office. These happen every month and are free. You can book a place through the web otherwise if you have more questions please drop me a mail.







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Hi Andrew


As someone said before maybe you have recorded the groups without any intensity so you can select the channels of that group but if you don't see nothing on stage.


For the scrollers: if you use a external keyboard don't try to use the numbers that are above the letters but the ones that are on the right (with the Num Lock select).

Other way to assign scrollers (longest way)is using the import device wizard to find your scroller and after that the Device Settings were just press insert and chose the template for the scroller, DMX, etc.


Try to use on the ETC website the Congo forum to see the answers for this kind of questions and more.


Fuzos 89

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