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Joining lengths of ropelight together.

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Hi folks. I have been joining some Eurolite ropelight - this stuff - with the blue variant with the deicated joining bits - here. On the tour last year, I had to join lots of ropelight, but I don't remember having this much trouble with a joint. What I do is heat up the end of the ropelight a bit, then press in the joining pins and repeat for the other side. The pins seem to be further apart than the mains wires within the ropelight. The first joint appeared to work, and the ropelight was installed on the cable tray as our blue working light. 3 mins after switching on to see we required two runs to get enough light, the joint failed.


Does anyone have any tips for joining the stuff together? - I am using the correct clips and as far as I can tell, the instructions!

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