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Hard Hats


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I'm trying to find out what the safety standards are for Hard Hats. In Canada there are two standards CSA Z94.1 M1 and CSA Z94.1-92. With three classes. Class G (General), Class E (Electrical) and class C (Conducting Headwear).

The American standard is ANSI Z89.1-97 Type I and II. Both the CSA Z94.1-92 and ANSI Z89.1-97 Type II have lateral protection as well as top down protection. The difference is that CSA tests for concussion while ANSI only test for neck injuries. The CSA standard is higher.

Does anyone know what is the testing for CE EN 12 492 and CE EN 397?

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You will normally find that the standard sets out the testing method for an item, and the specs it has to meet.

EN 12492 (which BTW is a mountaineering helmet, not a hard hat)

EN 397

These are links to an Australian publisher, 'cos that where I buy my documentation, but I am sure you can find them locally. These will show you exactly how to test hard hats, or any other piece of equipment for that matter.

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And that is one of my pet hates! :stagecrew:

I regularly need to refer to a wide range of Standards but the only way to do that is to buy them, quite often to find that the information you really need isn't in there but that it refers to another Standard. And you can bet that as soon as you have forked out your money, there will be a 'revision' and you'll have to buy the new version.

Apparently they seem to think that if you are in a position to need a Standard, you can afford the thousands of dollars (or pounds) to purchase them. I budget $5000 per annum just for Standards.


My big plan, if I ever find the time, is to force the publishers to make a full set available to all libraries in the country so that anyone can browse through them and if it contains the information you need, you can then decide if you want to buy it or not. Anybody out there with some time on their hands who want to take this up?

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