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PA desk enclosure


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Hi All,

We have a nice shiney new desk in a local church that is currently housed inadequately - we had to cut chunks out of the existing furniture to get the new desk to fit as it's deeper than the old one. We're not so worried about theft as accidental damage, as the building is very secure.


We are designing a new set of furniture to take all the rack gear and the desk. What we want is a permanent lid for the desk that can be folded out of the way without any risk of it being dropped onto the desk. We were thinking about a slatted roll-top lid, as this would be a neat solution. However, I can't seem to find any of these available seperately from bits of furniture.


As always we're on a tight budget, hence building it ourselves. Does anyone have any thoughts on a neat way to protect a desk in this manner (without giving Canford or someone lots of cash!)?



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it would be very simple to build a roller door yourself, cut 2 grooves each side the width of the slats of wood that you want to use, line the slats of wood up and connect them, gaffa works well if it's not going to get used that much and then add a small handle on the penultimate slat. best to use a thin wood that isn't too heavy, and make sure that the groove is slightly larger than the width of the wood as if it is rolling it will turn when opeing/ closing.
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