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Question about Update 520i


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I'm trying to install the 2.3 f version on a 520i console but I think that I've got a problem.


Maybe I'm not reading the installation instructions very well because it said to unzip the files to floppy disks but on the first zipped file there is another ziped file that contains 1 file with more than 2 mbytes wich is impossible to put on a floppy disk.


I don't know how to solve this problem. Is one floppy disk with the install file and other with the zipped file that contains everything else??


I don't want to risk the update if I'm not entirely shure that it's going to work cause I'm on that theater just to do 1 show and they don´t know were are the original floppy disks.


Fuzos 89


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Download the following files - this one, this one, and either this one (if you have an 'I' console) or this one (for a non-'I' console). Unzip the contents of each file onto their own floppy, then load each one into the desk in the usual way.


EDIT : Sorry, just noticed that you're trying to install 2.3f, not the latest version (presumably this is the desk that you posted about in your previous topic? Mods, perhaps a topic merge might be in order ....)


Anyway, it works in the same kind of way, but you'll have a similar set of files for 2.3f before you go for 2.8.6 .... the only difference is that the earlier software came in self-extracting zip files (with an .exe extension) ; just unzip the contents of these into their own directories on your hard drive, then copy the resulting files, but not the original self-extracting .exe, onto a floppy.


Then repeat for the second update to 2.8.6.

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Finally I update the 520i console. It's easy to do that but something strange happen. After I finish the update I tried to bring some channels up and nothing happen. Some minutes before I made the update we light some projectors to see if it's everything ok but after update none of the projectors give light.


I don't know if they have a node (I read that they have to be updated to) but I think that it's to much for this theater were I'm now.


Do you have any idea why this happen?


I know that I'm doing some stupid questions but since I will use an ETC Revolution and FutureLight Wash moving heads were can I find the library to use them with the 520i? and how do install this library?


Sorry for this questions but normally I work with Avab consoles and now with Etc Congo and they have a different way to do this things (for me more easier cause I work with them at 15 years).


Fuzos 89

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