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I have a problem with ShowCAD Artist that I could really do with some help with.....


Basically in the unit I'm working in, the interior walls are all downlight with 3-colour LEDs' with are controlled via a 3 channel dimmer.

For the majority of the evning the LEDs' just scroll through the 3 colours on a chase, however at certain points during the evening I need to be able to make these LEDs' toggle onto different programs. I'm trying to use the option within Artist whereby when you load a designated secondary cue it overides the active cue temporarily, and then re-instates it when you release the secondary cue (Make sense :-) )


All should be a case of checking a few check boxes, but I'm getting all sorts of results except those I really want!!


The original cue deactivates and the secondary cue looks, on-screen, like it should be active, but I get no output from the fixtures, or when I activate the secondary cue it does nothing, then when its deactivated it turns itslef on and kills the original cue completely???


So any ideas welcomed...I'm hoping its something easy I've missed??





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from my experience showcad artist and leds dont seem tto go together very well...


however, does sound like your confusing the issue, personally for ease, I would just create a new list that was interlocked (obviously accesable from the midi keyboard)then just put a few different cues in there..


for instance


1 - scroll

2 - red

3 - green

4 - blue


like I say make sure the page is on interlock and non blackout so it dosent confuse the leds by trying to make them do two things at once and you should be game on simon...

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