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zero 88 beta pack II's


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First of all, sorry if this is in the wrong place, I wasn't too sure on where to put it.



I have three 'zero 88 beta pack II's'


They are in perfect condition, apart from the small panel on the right hand side of the dimmer as u look at it (which covers the DMX address wheels and +/- switches) are missing on all three.


They are wired to 32amp ceeform connectors


Does anyone have an idea of how much these are averagely priced at?


Edit: (looking for the average price secondhand!)




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Chris - the panel referred to is just a small blanking plate designed to cover up the DMX addressing buttons - in most cases, these are lost and as many other brands have these uncovered by design, isn't a big issue really - and I'm sure Z88 have them anyway.


I'll also move this to Lighting and rename it so more people can see it.

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on a good day on eBay you might get £200 a pack. Some went a few weeks ago for £120 each-ish (from memory)


They are worth more than that really, but you can get cheap imported ones brand new so cheap, second hand prices are a bit capped.


Really? Wish I'd seen them. I know that Betapack 1's usual go for about £200. Never seen a 2 on e-bay, but would have thought they would go for more like £250.

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