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Lightmaxx PAR56


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Hi, I've been following the forum for a while and have found nearly everything I have needed, thanks folks! I have a problem with some Lightmaxx LED PAR56 I bought from the Music Store in Germany. The single sheet manual appears to be completely wrong. There are 10 dip switches and it states that switching number 10 on puts it in DMX mode, eh no it doesnt. I have a DR DMX and stepped through all channels with different dip switch settings on the other 9 and nothing. I have tried the bsame with 10 off and cannot get DMX control at all. I got four of them and they are all the same so I don't reckon it is faulty units. I have a number of the ones from Thomann and they all worked straight off. I read all the LED par thread but cannot find anything on the Lightmaxx units.

Has anyone here used these units ?

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