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Altman ellip 360Q, what does the speed cap do?


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I have a few, Altman ellip 360Q, wat does the speed cap do?


Not much info. available on the Altman website, but my understanding is it's a new alignment system for the lamp.


The older design, which was 3 screws adjusting centering as well as in/out lamp position, with a center lock-down screw, has been replaced with a centering adjustment knob, as well as in/out positioning knob as per the design common to the Shakespeare and S4.


I believe that Altman has provided for a number of upgrades to the older 360Q design, including a new tilt locking assembly, new more efficiant reflector as well as the Speed Cap. These improvements are available as upgrades to older fixtures, although some upgrades may be problematic if the fixtures are too old, as not all parts are interchangable due to differences in mold variations.


Steve B.

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