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help - projector emergency


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hey peoples,I'm in what can only be described as a large pickled creek without a paddle etc.


We have 3 sanyo XF46 projectors. One of them has decided that it cannot find a lamp 3 (each unit runs 4 lamps). I have an event on sunday to run and currently the projector is running at half power.


Things I have tried:

3 new lamps, one previously used but not dead lamp, swapping lamps in the unit ie lamp 2 (which shows no fault) into lamp 3 housing all of the above show that lamp three has blown which leads me to believe that it is the projector that has had a moment rather than lamps.


I need to find a technician who could come out tommorow asap or someone who knows the solution to this.


Any help will be eternally and spectacularly great





we're in Bradford by the way

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Is it your projector, or hired in? If it's hired in, then get on the phone to the people you sourced it from and get them to sort the issue out.


If it's yours, and therefore if you damage it whilst trying to get it to work that's your problem, then there might be one or two things I'd try before drawing a blank.


I'd check the cabling back from the lamp mounting to which ever PCB it runs to- multimeter it through to check that the contacts to the board. If these are not showing continuity, then that might be fooling the machine into the lamp module being duff. I'd also check the contacts that the lamp module sit's into to make sure that they aren't tarnished or damaged. It might be that if they are it reports a high resistance, and therefore assumes the lamp is dead.


I know it probably won't help, but a reset to factory defaults might just help, along with a hard power down (i.e. unplug the bugger, obviousy once it's cooled down).


If that, and having a general poke around show no other obvious issues, then it's time to find a company that can help. It might be that a tech can try a hard reset of the unit to check it's not a software thing. After that I'd have no idea where to start.


Hope that's possibly of some use. Hope you get it sussed.



Edit- If you cant sort it, one last option might be to run the other two at half output. At least then there would be no difference between the three units. Not much use if you really need the full 10K out the sharp end.

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hey, thanks for the speedy reply


they are our own projectors so no one to complain to unfortunatly


the running all at half has come up as a suggestion but it just look weak and by the time there is haze in the room they struggle


just so you all have a bit more info, we have a 33 x 9 foot screen, three xf46 projectors running to create one image (using a soft edge blend)all of our media is configured to run over the full area and the media is important. This means that if we choose to run in any configuration other than our current one, all of our media needs re-doing and the media monkeys will not be happy chappies.

I'm beginning to suspect that we will have to run at 50% but it loses the wow factor


any more suggestions or contacts would be brilliant

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If your not sure then be very carefull. I know of guys how have killed XF45's due to static discharges zapping the LCD's. Be careful, and possibly limit yourself to the rear lamp hatch.


I might be able to find numebrs of support guys from Sanyo if you get really stuck. PM if need be.


Another option- arrange a short term hire and pop the hired in XF45 into the place fo the naffed one?

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