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Confetti Cannon + Crack


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I've been asked about a confetti cannon for a show, but the team really arn't looking for a bang, more of a crack.


The only confetti ways I know are maroon or CO2.


Firstly does anyone know how much a CO2 is for a week and secondly any other ways apart from a maroon to eject the paper with less of a bang (confetti cartridges have been taken into account

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Do you mean the Le Maitre CO2 Cannons that use the disposable 16g bulb, or the large Venturi cannons?


On the presumption it's the LM CO2's you mean, then if you have enough of them you get a dull thud when they fire (if the backpressure cap is on nice and tight).


Alternatively, if you are using a Prostage control desk with an Air Cannon interface, you can simultaneously shoot whatever size of maroon\flash report\miscellaneous noisemaker you wish.


Have the confetti cartridges been vetoed because of excessive noise, or are they still an option?

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