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Best way to put ice in low foggers


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I have heard of people using those re-usable plastic ice cubes (you'd have to buy a fair few, though!) which completely eliminates the issue of the ice melting to water and making a mess all over the stage - and I think it's a great idea!
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Whenever I have had to use a low fog machine, I bought a bag of ice from local servo and that worked fine.


Yes but for small amateur productions im trying to keep the cost down, and when I asked the question I was more asking the most efficient way to put it in i.e. Crushed, cubes? not where to get ice ;) I hope I made this clear

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The most efficient way to put ice into low foggers is with a plastic bin that hold the correct amount to fill the low foggers storage bin.

Save spilling excess and has enough for a complete fill. Plastic won't rust and a lid will help keep it cool.


The most effective ice to use in a low fogger is dry ice as it produces the lowest fog that stays low for the longest time.

For storage use a container just large enough to hold the dry ice so it does not evaporate into the air in the storage container.


The most efficient ice to use in a low fogger would be round shaped of a size so the fog can make contact with the largest surface area of the ice.

Square ice cubes will sit together which excludes some sides from being available to make contact with the fog.


The most cost effective ice to use in a low fogger for an amateur group is crushed ice as you can make it in your own freezer so it is the cheapest option.

Disadvantage is you have to break it up with a hammer and surface areas will be ununiform and inconsistency in contact area with the fog will occur.


Hope that covers some of the options.

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