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Tannoy 3836 Open-Driver Loudspeaker- Recommended Amplifier Power


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Was a bit of a trawl, but Google was my friend. Looking at this Link, and seeing an impedance of around 5.5 Ohms and a handling of 85W, I'd suggest a power amplifier of around 250W (at 8 Ohms) ought to be fine, but don't run it too hot or let it clip! Not sure with those if the high and low drivers can be amplified separately, or not - so I'm assuming not at this point.


Just from interest, what are you doing that needs these? Splitting vocals out to form an A/B "dual" PA?

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Hi There,


The 3836 is the 15" dual concentric driver from the Tannoy CPA15, a forerunner of the current Tannoy V15.


If I remember correctly, the CPA15 was rated at about 250W RMS, so that should give you a rough idea of the power handling of the driver.


I've never used the open driver myself so can't really offer much advice on how it behaves or the optimal amount of power to feed it.


The use of the open chassis 3836 driver was, I believe, pioneered by Martin Levan who used the drivers as the basis of a vocal system in a number of west end shows. A number of other sound designers have also used the technique in theatre over the years.



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