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Photometric Visualizer


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Part 3 in a series of Design Tools. Here is the Photometric Visualizer:




Calculate beam angles, throw distances, intensity, light spill and more. Features include a growing library of commonly used instruments and lamps as well the ability to use custom data. Metric and Imperial units are supported as well.


I will be updating the library as I have time.


Right now there is no way to save , you can print by right clicking on the grid and clicking print. It's not the best because the light beam will extend past the surrounding boxes. What information would you like to save and how would you like to display it after it has been saved?


I am having trouble figuring out a formula to determining the candela of a zoom unit knowing only the maximum and minimum values. For example a Source 4 Zoom 25 to 50 degree at 25 degrees is 155,000. At 36 degrees its 96,300 and at 50 degree it is 59,500. It is possible to figure out 40 degrees based upon the given numbers? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Part 2: Rigging Calculator

Part 1: Gobo Visualizer


Matt McCormick


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1 candela is 1 lumen per steradian.


Steradians are like radians but in 3D, and are almost impossible to visualise - there are 4π of them on the surface of a sphere.


You'll need to figure out the conversion between degrees and steradians assuming a circular beam - this wikipedia article might help.


Scaling this isn't easy though - we just stick a Source Four on a pedestal and measure it!

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