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Phonic PAA3

ian hatch

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Hi All

Just purchased a Phonic PAA3, and I have a couple questions that I hope someone will be able to answer.

I spoke to Shure the UK dist. for Phonic products and they were unable to answer my questions, I think they were reading the same manual as I was.

The manual doesn't really explain how to use the various functions very well.

Question 1:

The PAA3 has three weighting settings A, C, FLAT, A&C no problem, I can work them out, but what is FLAT and what would you use it for?

Question 2:

In the memory function, you can clear all the previous readings, by simply pressing A/C, but I am unable to clear the AVERAGE readings boxes (A-F) I know when you enter a new reading that it overwrites the previous one if you save it, but I still would like to clear these boxes because it is a little confusing to see all the boxes full of data.

Any solutions much appreciated.

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I'll have a go at question 1... Flat is perhaps the most obvious of all the weightings. It means flat response, i.e. no weighting.

That is what I thought it proberly ment, but the way the manual reads, is that you would normanly use weighting C and it doesn't say what you would use FLAT for.

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