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Cyclorama Colour?


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Hi all,


Just been experimenting with creating a split colour cyc - iris4's in the air, coda 4 cells on the deck - need to create moody, eerie woodland. Any suggestions on what colours work well together to give a two tone effect? Have found some successful combinations, but in house colour stock is low at the moment, not huge amounts to experiment with!


Any suggestions much appreciated.



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Personally I can never get enough 119 on a cyc so the 4 colours in each that I would use would be:


Iris4s: 119; 119; 119; 119

Coda 4s: 119; 124; 119; 124


I guess if there are other scenes that need another look, you may need to use one circuit of 119s from the Iris4s and 1 circuit of 124 from the codas but sometimes we have to compromise! :(


I have to say that if you want eerie you really need to get some gobos onto it as well (not hard focussed) - it'll make a heap of difference.

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