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Hi Guys/Gals


I have a studiomaster Powerhouse Vision 8, was working a treat until I had the PIN button pressed when powering it up and now its asking for the security pin... Entered incorrectly 3 times and it locks me out of the effects processor for 2 hours!!!!


I have the manual from the previous owner which gives the default PIN as 1111 but this doesn't work, the previous owner knows of no previous PIN setting.


Does anybody have any ideas? I'm thinking that as it locks me out for 2 hours that it must have an internal clock keeping the time, (with computers) there is an internal battery that keeps the system time, if I remove this would it completely reset the effects processor? Either A) returning to the default PIN or B) Just unlocking it altogether...


I have a gig tonight....(this all happened on Friday)


Incidentally, this desk is used for Karaoke and it can't put up with another night without echo or reverb....


Please any advice or direction would be welcomed with open arms!!



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