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Attaching stuff to Marquee poles?


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Obviously all that Pete has said applies, so this is really more for information, but you don't specify what sort of lighting you want to add. Anyway at the Jamboree they had lots of similar marquees, and they had brackets consisting of a v with an "arm" coming from one side, two of these were bolted together, with the arms going in different directions, to clamp onto the pole (at least I think that was how they were done, the arms may both have been on one bit, with a separate v for the other side, but hopefully you understand the concept). In case that's not clear, here is some (bad) ASCII art:




These only had a few sunfloods on, so the weight was negligible.

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Ah right, I get ya. Can these V shaped brackets be bought anywhere, or will I have to get the welder out?


I'm only hanging a UV canon and another lightweight homemade lighting source up there.


Thanks for your help.

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There are loads of ways of doing it however you will have to check with someone who truly understands the structure to ensure it's safe.


As peter said you can get (what I presume are custom made) clamps designed especially for the purpose, I have also seen flag pole support brackets used with half couplers with positive results.


In the past I've hung bars of six (pars) by taking a bit of wire rope from each end up to a shackle which was in turn attached to an eye spliced in the end of a bit of fibre rope tied around the support with an icicle hitch. A bit of fire proofed Hessian was then placed between the bar and pole to act as padding and the two bound together. It's important to leave enough room between the pars and support so as to not cause a fire hazard or damage paintwork so the tube has to be longer than standard for a bar of six. Needless to say it's a lot easier to do than explain!


Edit: didn't see your post before posting but in answer to your question I think they are probably custom jobs, certainly all the ones I've seen tend to slightly different.

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