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Sound at Les Mis in the West End

Pete Alcock

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Dear Blue,


Went to see Les Mis at the Palace in London last night, and like most people who've seen it for the first time, was blown away. The show just seems to work so well within the general dinginess (in the nicest possible way) of the old theatre.


Anyway, a most impressive thing (apart from the lights, scenery etc. etc.) was the use of radio lavs on, as far as I could hear, most of the cast. Perfectly clear, balanced to the music, totally natural. You could say that since they've been doing it for nearly 20 years, they should have it right by now, but for me it was technical excellence. I know most big shows have lots of radio mics , but it was just done so well here.


Just wondered if anyone who works or has worked on the show could indicate the type and number of mics in use. Given that there were no telltale rustles, I guess the mics themselves were stuck to the actors' heads - you certainly couldn't see them, but then I was in the dress circle. Would be fascinated to hear.





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yes a lot of the lav, mics now have a flesh, or semi transparrent boom, that is either stuck to the side of the face, forehead, or sometimes in the hairline.


this enables the mic to pick up very well, also I do beleive that some of the musical numbers and vocals are double tracked, as the singers are performing most nights its a strain on the old voice, so most mime, or sing along to there pre-recorded vocal.


I believe that, a member off my ex band is now in les mis, his name is Nick, tall chap, well built, and superb voice, he used to be backing singer for jayne mcdonald (the poor chap, I find it funny when the backing singer has a better voice than the star vocalist)

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