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ChamSYS & Enttec PRO on a MAC


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hello everybody as this is my first post here !!! and I salute all the professionals here also !!!

I have searched the blue room first so I can be sure that I don't post something that has already been discussed. so my apologies if I missed something !!!


so I bought an Enttec PRO DMX-USB, I have downloaded ChamSYS MagicQ software from their site, and got them all together on my MAC laptop. (PowerBook G4)


so I installed Enttec drivers for MAC, all OK.

Installed Chamsys soft all OK.

made mew show, choose heads, patched them, grouped them, and no answer at all. meaning the head (clay paky's 1200 zooms, didn't responded.) my guess is lack of DMX signal as I seen that the led on the DMX didn't blink at all|; just blinked once when I connected it, so it has power, and also I found it in hardware and it was set up on the computer's USB).


I consulted the magicQ manual, did everthing they said at setup section.


I need some help as I continue to try.


It's a long story how I end up using this combination, and I'd really like to make it work, because I have not many choices, and I'd be happy to share if you'd like !


thank you very much for reading this, any comment are welcome.

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Hi there,


If you have installed MagicQ and the Enttec drivers ok, then it is most likely a setup issue.


Go into the SETUP window and choose VIEW DMX I/O at the top, and you will see a list of all of the universes in MagicQ. Check that the Out Type for Universe 1 is set to Enttec Pro, and the Status column is set to Enabled.


If this is set correctly then it is possible that you have not installed the correct driver for the Enttec dongle - MagicQ requires the FTDxxxx driver, not the VCP (virtual com port) driver. If you have the incorrect driver installed, download the MagicQ Mac wing drivers off our website at www.chamsys.co.uk/downloads.asp and install these.


If you need any more help, please do let me know.


Best regards,


Matt Lemon

ChamSys Ltd

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I've had problems with MagicQ on Linux not sending data to the Enttec dongle. In my experience, if the green light on the dongle is blinking, it is transmitting data, so check that first. I haven't figured out the exact combination of restarting the application, unplugging/replugging the dongle and disabling/enabling the output that gets it working, but some combination of those should work.
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