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600w - 1000w Speakers


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First, forget worrying about power ratings without considering speaker sensitivity.


What is the application, what is the budget, what is the room like, what coverage do you require?

Nobody can suggest anything sensible without that basic information.


Regards, Dan.

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What transport do you have to transport the system .... how much space is available in the vehicle, how heavy a load can the vehicle take?

How many (strong) people will be available to carry said system?

Will it need to be taken up flights of stairs?

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What they said.


lets take 2 examples of subs. Ok we're going to the extremes here, there is a massive difference in cost, size weight and everything else but it shows that 600watts means very little.


the first example is this http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/NEW-600W-BASS-BINS-D...1QQcmdZViewItem


A poor excuse for a speaker with a maximum of 94dB?


The second example is this



rated at only 200watts it gives a further 41dB according to the specs on paper.



There's lots more you need to tell us before we can even begin to make suggestions.

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Ok I shall include a little more detail.


I am looking for a portable PA system that is able to be used in various venues in SE London/Kent. I have a Renault Trafic (lwb) van, so I have more then enough room to transport gear.


There would be 3 people transporting the gear at each venue, I was thinking of a setup like this




Does anyone recommend HKAudio? I've just really started out put have up to around 8k to spend on a nice system.

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