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fat frog and pearl river issues


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Hey guys,


I'm starting a tour in sept for a band and am just testing and prepping the equipment they have. I'll be using a fat frog, 6 pearl river 300's and other gubbins.


My problem is with the movers and desk. 2 of the movers dont respond to the dimmer wheel from the desk, but do respond to the play back x fader, so I can only dimm those lights with the fader, which isn't any use when programing. The lights dont have much in the way of shutter control which is a real pain. So am trying to use the dimmers instead for certain chases.


Also I cant seem to trigger the submasters with the submaster faders, or I have to give extensive play to the manual speed nob to get them moving. I'm programming in partial mode to.


any ideas?

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Hi Afterworks


Each of the fixtures on the Frog range has a 'virtual' intensity fader, similar in behaviour to a preset (channel) fader. These faders must be 'up' to be recorded into a memory or submaster, and 'down' when playing back (they are mixed HTP with the playback devices). You can view the level of these faders on the monitor in the green Fix Br: line. You're looking for all fixtures to be displaying -- when playing back.


If you're having problems with chase speeds on Submasters then its possible that your chases were recorded with 0 speed (the speed pot turned fully to the left). Go back to the Memories area and edit each chase (select it as Next, press Edit, move away from the <Step> field), then move the speed pot to a reasonable speed and press ENTER to resave the chase. Now when you trigger a submaster, you should see the chase run correctly.


We have also seen some issues with older Pearl River fixtures having an 'Inverted' Dmimer channel (0% = Full brightness, 100% = Blackout) which unfortunately there is not an easy solution for on the Frog range at present. Pearl River released a new set of firmware to make this an option, so it might be worth contacting them if this is your problem.



I hope this helps. If I can help further please don't hesitate to let me know.






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