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DVI + Audio into HDMI...


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Hi gang!


OK - I'm seeing some products in the US that will do this, but none here as yet...


I'd like to send video and audio over HDMI to another room in the building. I can work out how to do this using two discrete cables - however, I'd like to convert live audio (from a mixing desk) to send alongside the video stream.


The Geffen box I've seen online in the US converts DVI and SPDIF to HDMI, which is something akin to what I'd like to do, however if we could find a box that has a built-in ADC for audio then I'd be happier still.


So - what products are around in the UK? I don't mind shipping in from the US if needed, however I'm guessing taxes and things would be chargable on such high-value products?!

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Only questions would be - how far is the cable run (HDMI doesn't propogate that far) and secondly what kit is on the receiving end and does it need HDCPS to be present on the signal?


I'm designing a system around DVI-Fibre as I need some runs of up to 20-25 metres and at least one for over 50m. To keep the distro in one place, in leiu of any 1:8 DVI splitters around the place, I'm currently planning on using a Geffen 1:8 HDMI splitter, then convert HDMI to DVI/Fibre for most of the displays.


Are there Fibre HDMI cables in the same way we can find plenty for DVI? Would these be able to carry audio?


If not, I guess I'm still back to sending audio as a separate feed - which isn't the end of the world but as it's to be used by simple consumers rather than trained technicians I'd like to keep the box, button and cable counts as low as possible so far as the end users are concerned.


I'm not mad - just confused - honest! :D

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You can get 1:8 DVI distribution amps, Kramer do them:




HDMI optical media extenders exist, but they are more expensive than the DVI equivalents, however for the sake of not having to get another DA for the audio and routing two cables everywhere you need video+audio it might be worth going down the HDMI route. So you would combine DVI and Audio before your DA, with something like this:




Then use the Gefen 1:8 DA you've alredy found or use something like this Kramer 2:8 HDMI DA: http://www.kramerelectronics.com/indexes/item.asp?desc=581


HDMI optical media extenders will carry the entire signal, so that includes audio and video :D

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