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FocusTrack is production lighting documentation software designed to allow the creation of complete, precise records of show lighting.


Wiki page: FocusTrack

Product page: http://www.focustrack.co.uk/newfeatures/index.html

Manufacturer's website: http://www.focustrack.co.uk


Announcement supplied by: Rob Halliday

Software release: v 2.000

Release date: May 2009


FocusTrack 2.000 dramatically improves the functionality of this popular show lighting documentation system by adding compatability with ETC's Eos family (Eos, Ion, Element) and MA's grandMA as well as the Strand 300- and 500-series consoles.


Announcement supplied by: Rob Halliday

Software release: v.1.300

Release date: 10/8/2007


Link: http://www.focustrack.co.uk/download



The new version adds a multitude of new features, many requested by lighting designers and programmers who are already using FocusTrack to document the lighting of their shows.


Full details of changes: from http://www.focustrack.co.uk/newfeatures


If you need further information, please email Rob Halliday, info@focustrack.co.uk.

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