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If all the 575's were the same price!


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Hi Guys,


heres' an interesting one to get your opinions on;


If all the different manufactuers of moving lights made an identical spec'd 575 and they were all the same price, and you had to chose one to buy how would your top ten look; ie


Put these in order of your preference


remember in this hypothetical situation they all have the same spec/performance so we are talking branding and backup/service


(1) High End

(2) Martin

(3) ClayPaky

(4) Coemar

(5) Vari*lite

(6) Sgm

(7) Pearl River

(8) Studio Due

(9) Robe

(10) any other

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martin first for me. Stylish lights which just have a sort of 'Professionalism to them'. There lights don't often go wrong either. Worked with Mac 500's for ages and the most maintanace I ever did was changing the bulb.



When I say stylish I presume even though they have the same spec in this hyperthetical senario they would each ha

ve an indervidual look depending on the manufactureres style (i.e. martin: black, slick, symetircal)



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Hi, my vote goes to Martin too but I have seen better (faster devices) yet

take a look to the robe spot they are a damn fast.


Martin has put a huge amout of knowlage in their fixtures so I like the Quickcon to fly them, and I like their slight chassis.


My list go´s like that:


(1) Martin

(2) Robe

(3) ClayPaky

(4) High End

(5) Coemar

(-) any other


the other´s of eddys list I haven´t ever used on proper situation

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Odd question, but for service, it definitely isn't Coemar! Not from personal experience, but many colleagues'


Martin are good, but not had a lot of experience of their service. (Sent a 24/7 Hazer back once, they did the work under guarantee and was back within a few weeks).

SGM are very good, or at least Lightfactor, our most used supplier are. (We have Giotto 400s, very nice :** laughs out loud **:


As to the rest I don't know.


Has anyone had decent experience of all of 1-9 from a service point of view?

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Ive not had much first hand experience with all these manufactuers. From what I know as probably the most respected company in the industry, I would go with High End followed by Vari*Lite.

Martin are widely used due to previous aggresive marketing, although with all the problems with the minimacs catching fire and the new 550's I would be tempted to keep away. (If it was a 2000 performance tho I would love it!).

Robe (Coetech) used to run the UK distribution for Coemar, and after all the services issues they had and the bad name they gave Coemar products I would be tempted to keep away, as its still the same management. Coemar current distribution is significantly better, and the products well made and over engineered but they may not have the speed of technical backup as seen with companies like High End / Martin.

Pearl River... you are kidding me!? :** laughs out loud **:


Incidentally I am looking into hiring some Coemar fixtures for a gig, and I am interested in your personal experience of these fixtures, especially Nick. What should I watch out for, what problems did you encounter? I dont want to hire lights that just go wrong!


Myself I am more of a smoke machine man, working with the Source and Antari products so am looking more into moving heads.



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