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Removing Lyrics

Luke Techie

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Hello again all !!


I have been approached now by what seems to be about 20+ people who are all interested in the same thing. Removing song lyrics from a song.


For all those sound technical boffins out there I wondered if you could offer me some advice on the easiest way this can be done. I have searched on the internet for some of the tracks to see if they are used for karaoke but they are not. Therefore I need to take a song and somehow remove the lyrics and leave everything else.


I hope somebody, somewhere can help me


Thank You In Advance


:** laughs out loud **:

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You're never going to be able to do this effectively, short of getting hold of the original multitracks and remixing a vocal-less version (not going to happen).


You can get FX units that remove anything that appears equally in both channels (based on the theory that vocals are always panned centre, which is not entirely true). I don't think the result you'll get would be worth it, though.

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Phase reversing one half of a stereo song works fairly well. Failing that there are a number of backing track CD's out there for many songs, like carioki, and others that a few musical societies use where they have guide vocals on one ch. and full orchestrations on the other.



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If you are hoping to remove vocals for the purpose of creating a backing track for someone else to sing along to, there are copyright issues and performing rights payments. I assume that karaoke discs have built into the price an element of PRS payment, rather like the BBC sound effects records, which you can use without paying a royalty, because the price includes it.


If you need legit backing tracks, you should look in the stage newspaper, which regularly has adverts for companies providing this service. They should also be able to advise on any legal issues to do with performing rights payments.


strictly speaking - a payment is due for a performance of any copyright song, whether done to a live acompaniment or a backing track.

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Hi Luke,


Proper Karaoke versions of top 40 hits actually come out quite quickly after the original has faded from the charts. You could have a look on kazaa for a particular song and just type karaoke after it when you search, to see if it's available. The Karaoke versions are often so close to the original it's as if the record company have done a remix with just the lead vocals turned down. Worth a look.


I had to provide some PA for a Karaoke evening a while back, and the guy that had the CD-G player was able to get legitimate CD-G (karaoke versions of the songs on special CDs with the words as well) for 18 of the 20 ex-top 40 songs that the client wanted. Accordingly you could try contacting a local Karaoke DJ or DJ shop (shudders!!).


Good luck,



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like others have said, you cant really remove vocals, and most of the time you just end up with an over bass sound.


I personally if need be, have tracks created for me, by a mate of mine. you can find a link at the bottom of this post.


you can go out to a karaoke shop and buy sunfly discs, (£25 a disc) and that will have all the latest chart tracks on them, and most of the time before the original is in the charts.


you could also as mentioned try Kazaa, I have got a lot of tracks of it in the past,. and most are quite good quality.


the only problem with MIDI tracks, is that they dont always sound good enough to be used on stage. never sound like the original.


Artistes UK



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