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Community CSX52 - S2 speakers


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Has anyone on here had any experience with Community speakers, are they any good for what I intend to use them for ???


I've got the chance of a pair of these for a possible bargain price (depending on comments received) of approximately £85 + 3 hours driving to Lillehammer and back (I'm in Oslo). Apparently they're in near perfect condition, the seller is sending me a few pictures tomorrow. Bear in mind, sound equipment over here is at least double and sometimes three times the price of the UK.


I'm intending to use them for a small disco setup to test the water before I bring the major stuff over from the UK later this year. Later I'll probably use them as back-ups.


Spec sheet here


Any comments welcome guys......

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I'd say for £85 they'll be ok, but looking at the spec sheet, they have a quite low power handling, and the frequency response graph is not that smooth.


A bonus however is the 6.5" horn loaded woofer, this helps to stop the stretching of components out of their comfortable working zones. Another downfall however is that they incorporate a peizo tweeter, but I see that it is not in use until 5KHz and I've been told that good quality peizos can sound good crossed over around that frequency.


My advice would be make a day trip of it, use your ears, and if you're not happy, don't part with the cash.




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I've used the Communicty XLT series which appear to be similar (15 + 6.5 + horn), though they have a proper comp driver instead of a piezo driver. They were very impressive indeed, especially the mid-range, probably thanks to the separate 6" mid on its own horn. Produce formidable sound levels even with a modest amp.


I'd say for £85 each you've got a real result, even with a long drive in an expensive country. For most bar and pub discos they'd be fine, but I suggest the next thing would be some 2 x 15 or single 18 subs to augment the bottom end. Go for it.



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