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MAGIC Q remote focus unit


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I have software called DMXWeb that you load on a computer with an Enttec DMX Pro attached and it allows basic control for focusing from another computer connected through Lan. Basically, when you load DMXWeb on the computer connected to you lights, and for instance you had a Wifi connection between that and another computer, you could load internet explorer, type in the ip address of the host computer, and it shows a screen like the one below. This works on a laptop or Pda with or most other browsers. I would like to use the same general setup, (different software obviously, but same theory) and have it interface with Magic Q running in the programming keyboard mode. Basically make a Wireless Windows Mobile RFU for Magic Q. I guess the only way to do this is have some software interpret what the PDA sends it and change that into keyboard macros for Magic Q?


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If you look at the chamsys website there is already a box that allows you to run the desk through a lan or wireless network (about £500 I think).



Running on a laptop using this system would be no problem I would think. although you would need to get a seperate wireless adaptor for the ethernet to DMX converter or plug it directly into a wireless router.

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