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Vista Systems Spyder + Maxedia


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Hello everybody,


just wandering if anyone has experience in using spyder together with some of media servers available, I am mostly interested in Martin Maxedia media server and similar units. I will like to know is it possible to control the playback of the clips on server with spyder or vice versa without using any other control software except of this two unit? I know that vista has so called source master, which connects on spyder network and is capable of controlling any video deck which uses rs422 protocol, and also some players over network, like doremi, but what is with maxedia, hyppotizer and simmilar?



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do you mind if I ask why


well, I will like to give you a reasonable answer on your question but I am afraid I can't because company for which I am working already owns spyder and has made a decision to invest in that kind of server. reasons for that I really don't know, at the moment I am trying to find out the best way to put this two things work together and use maximum of their capabilities.

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