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Hi blue room,


I am looking for some suggestions for a make and model of a wireless radio mic system


We are in a church and the microphones need to be the headset variety (the cheekbone variety I am looking at)

The most important requirement is clarity. We had some cheapo ones that really were not up to the job, especially for dancers who were siniging as well.


Also we do a fair amount of outside work and a mic that reduces wind noise would be advantageous.


I am also concerend on the frequency issues as we already have some wireless mics (handheld) already installed.


We need three units and we have a budget of £1500.


Any ideas chaps would be greatfully received - any links as well would help


thanking you



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It would be really helpful to know what frequencies your current mics use. There is likely to be a licencing issue here.


My 1st choice for new radio systems in that price range would be a Sennheiser evolution 300 G2 series. The EW352 is a headworn system, details here. The mic isn't all that discreet though - others are available but will obviously add to the cost, which should be just under 1500 for three systems.

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In terms of radio systems I highly rate the Sennheiser G2 systems and would recommend them to anyone. The 100 series should work well for you.


For the headsets there are a number of options, the DPA headsets are phenomenal but they'll eat your budget before you buy any radios, AT make a couple of good ones two and recently I've heard good things about some stageline mics which are only £20. I've yet to try these so can not guarantee they're performance but am keen to try them for the sake of £20. All of these should come with wind shields to put on them.


In terms of licensing if your running more than about 4 mics you need to get a license. Check out JFMG.co.uk


Feel free to PM me if you are interested in buying the Sennheiser systems.



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