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Used stages for sale


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Someone asked me last night about where they could buy a small used stage, about 8-10m wide, not too big really. Covered though, given the high quality summers we now seem to be experiencing...


I remember coming across a few websites over the years with used stages for sale on, but can't remember for the life of me what they were called or any URLs.



Any ideas?





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Thanks pyromonkey. I've had a look on Ebay, but there only seems to be two things on there: one is to hire for the day, the other is one that folds out from a truck.


Whilst that's the sort of size we're looking for, the low roof is a bit of an issue. Ideally the roof wants to be about 12ft above the stage. Also, changing rooms and sound area are not really needed. Otherwise the size is about right.


I'm just being fussy now, aren't I!!!

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