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Hi to all BR users.


I am looking to compile a collection of on-line resources connected to various disciplines of theatre tech. I am after links to anything from a couple of handy hints to exhaustive guides, practical tips tips to entirely theoretical pages on any and all of the following topics:

-Lighting (design and realisation)

-Set (design and realisation)

-Sound (design and mixing)

-Stage Management.

-Costume and makeup (design and realisation)

-Anything else you think I should have included.


Many thanks for your help.



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Or something like this then?


Not really what I'm after either, that being the yellow pages of theatre techs rather than what I asked! Links to theatre theory and tips on putting into practice was what I was after really...


I am sure pleanty of people have a couple of pages liek this bookmarked

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Stagelink has hundreds of resources and associations as well as professionals and companies. With the greatest respect it seems rather like you're saying you want to compile a list then asking us to do just that. Remember to check out sites link pages as well and of course google.


Sorry I've not just typed out a long list of links but I really don't see it as being useful, I'd only be compiling a far less thorough version of Stagelink.

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Have you looked at the BR FAQ's - these link to topics full of good advice which therein contain many other links to other websites.


An example would be the numerous references to the Soundcraft, Yamaha and Allan&Heath websites for basic audio processing information; uses of VCA's etc.

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