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Summer Job

Rhys west

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I'v just left school (16)and I wanted to keep busy until september, which is when I start a technical theatre course.

I'm really intrested in lighting and like to get involved with anything I can. I'v done a ring round of my local theatres but most of them can't offer me anything until september, I'v tried my local hire company and they said they would keep me in mind, iv written to a few people who were advertising in "the stage" on the off chance they could offer me anything and I'm doing bits and bobs at my local am dram.

Can anyone offer any advice on where to ask? Where to look? etc..

(Sorry if topic has already come up)



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Try finding out which crewing companies operate in your area.


Edit: after a quick google, maybe these guys are worth a try:




From my experience USSU-Crew or Origin Events as they also like to be called usually only take people from the Uni of Surrey Ents crew (hence the name University of Surrey Students Union Crew). I think your best bet is to harass any lighting or crewing companies. Persistance usually pays off in this game, especially if you've got some skills to back it up.

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