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ps2, component switching to lcd panel


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A receiver was a gift to a friend recently for his wedding, now his ps2 (which is used as his dvd player) is not playing dvd's (store bought dvd's, duplicates work). We have no idea why but as you can see I'd like to find out. Right now the ps2 is running through component cables to the receiver, then from the receiver to the lcd screen via receiver.


thanks in advance!

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Hi, just to note, this forum is more for theatre and entertainment technology.


As to the question - do you mean that duplicates work and store brought ones don't?

(store bought dvd's, duplicates work)

I doubt if it is because of using component- first port of call would be to check region settings - should be capable of playing back region 2 discs. I don't know if you can change the regions on a PS2 or if it is hardwired into the player. You may have more luck on a domestic AV forum such as http://www.avforums.com/ or google for more info.


It seems odd that it would change just because an AV receiver was put in line. Did it work fine on store brought ones before the receiver was put in? Have you tested it on composite input direct into LCD?

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