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Peavey Pro 15 VS Peavey Pro 15 P


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Hi Everyone,


Hopefully someone will be able to help me with this. I've been awarded a grant to buy an extension on my company's community PA system which is a Peavey rig and I'm stuck between going for the Active or Passive Version.


Basically the Current Rig consist of 2 Peavey Pro 15 and 2 Pro Sub, both powered by Two Peavey PV 1500.


We've been looking into two ideas the first being buying the amount again so 2 Pro Sub, 2 Pro 15 and then two more PV1500 and just adding it on. Or otherwise buying 2 x Peavey Pro 15P (powered Version) and 2 Peavey Pro Sub P.(powered)


I'm not sure which to go for as the normal decider would be cost but the deal with the supplier means just a 1 EURO (about 50-60p difference) between the two packages.


I do not have a local Peavey dealership that stocks the Power Speakers and just wanted advice from people with experience with these powered speakers. The Specs of them kinda match up so just looking for advice really.


The key two questions I have are;


1. Which has the more power behind it,

2. What Sound Better?


The PA will be used in a Youth Centre for a practise PA and also for smaller events as well as bolted together with the main system for the two annual Battle of the Bands.


I have included the Spec Below to help


Thanks for the help in advance







Peavey Pro 15 - 300 Watts RMS continuous, 600 Watts program, 1200 Watts peak. (4 Ohms)

Peavey Pro Sub - 300 Watts RMS continuous, 600 Watts program, 1200 Watts peak. (4 Ohms)

Peavey PV 1500 - 500 Watts RMS per channel into 4 Ohms, 300 Watts RMS per channel into 8 Ohms.

Peavey Pro 15 P - Bi-amplified powered system with 270 Watts total peak dynamic power (250 Watts RMS).

Peavey Pro Sub - 400 Watts RMS class-D power amplifier.

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Going on the specs you mention I would go for the unpowered versions and amps.


Lets start with the tops. they are 4 ohm boxes. They will therefore get 500watts from your amp, this gives a little headroom above the rms level.

The powered tops do not even have an amplifier big enough to drive to their rms level. I'd avoid this under normal circumstances.


To the sub now and again we see the amp giving a over the rms level giving headroom to the system. the powered version does have an amp of 400watts rms, which is not more different in terms of output from the speaker but given that the top cabs are underpowered when using the "active" versions then you'd be better off sticking with the "passive" or unpowered versions.



How would you benefit from a powered setup? if the answer is not at all, or there would be little benefit then there is no question about it, go with the unpowered version. It'll give you more headroom to start with. Along with the expansion possibilities.

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