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Leko (Altman 360Q) rewiring

Tom Baldwin

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I have some Altman 360Qs which have failed PAT for having holes in the old braided sleeving covering the individual cores of the power cable. Fair enough.

I took one apart to attempt to rewire it with silicone cable the other day, and discovered that there is no obvious way to rewire the lampholder...


Am I missing something?


I've seen other Lekos with silicone cable, so I assume it's possible (or does one simply buy a replacement lampholder, which comes prewired with a length of silicone cable?)





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I can't speak for your particular lanterns but that is often the case. Cables crimped in to lamp bases, either going direct to appliance flex or into a ceramic block.

If a replacement cable set is expensive you could add your own ceramic block and wire accordingly. But remember this would be changing the design of the lantern.

Speak to your spares retailer, I'm sure they'll help you.

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Aaaaah, the old 360Q. How many of those did I plug up for Mr Pilbrow in the early eighties? I'll never know. Unfortunately, that stiff wire is not replacable in the lamp holder.


"TP-22 socket is manufactured by Osram Sylvania. This TP-22 ellipsoidal lamp socket with Hi-temp 36" leads is designed for most 6" ellipsoidal theatrical lighting fixtures and the Altman Stage Lighting 360Q series of ellipsoidals. This TP-22 lamp socket is a G9.5 Medium Bi-pin with 14 Gauge leads."

to quote the Altman website





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