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HOG PC works on VISTA!


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But does it output anything, and do the wings work?


On one of my ships we had terrible trouble with Win2k because it would randomly forget that it did USB. and thus lose all the output dongles and the programming/playback wings.

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I assume that you are referring to Hog 2PC as there is currently a check that should not allow Hog 3PC to install on Vista. We are currently testing Hog 3PC and hope to release a Vista compatible version in the near future. Hog 2PC is a finished product and thus has not been tested on Vista. I have heard reports from other users that they have it operating ok. However I suggest you proceed with caution prior to using it on a show as it is not fully tested.






Just installed Hog PC and it works on Vista, I was told it wouldn't, is this luck or has it installed for anyone else on vista.


I also managed to get it to run on a macbook using windows inbuilt.





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