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Not sure if this is the right place but anyway...


Just contemplating making up some new control cables for chain hoists using the yellow four pin cee forms and was wondering if there was any specific colour codes to use. Im looking to use some 5 core TRS we have left over but am equally unsure what to do with the spare conductor, should I cut it off with the sheath or use two conductors for the protective or common connection?


Any advice will be much appreciated.

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given that the control is of mains voltage, mains cable is fine ( part of the discusion over use of ceeform was because they were not meant for control voltages)


the control 4 pin connector has live, 2 switched lives and an earth,


asuming you have standard 5 core flex ( brown , 2 black , blue, green/yellow) then the regulations would indicate use of brown for live and the 2 black wires for switch live. the regulations prohibit use of anything other than green/yellow for earth ( or using G/Y for anything else) so dont use the blue wire, best to cut it off

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