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Safe use of scaffold set


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I have recently moved to a school as their Theatre technician. They have erected a scaffolding set for a musical production and obviously want the kids swinging all over the place . The first level is at 6' with stair access and hand rails, the next level is 12' with access via 1 internal vertical ladder . They are also talking about having ladders on the outside of the structure to gain access to the first level. Having trawled through the forum I am wondering if they are allowed onto this at all? I think that with adequate guard rails etc there should be minimum problems but wondered if anyone has any experience of similar situations.


Many Thanks

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My reading of this kind of thing is that it is a set - and should simply be treated as one would treat any construction on safety issues. What do the kids have to do. Is it constructed well enough to let this happen? In this context, it would be simple to compare it with the type of avtivities and equipment within the PE department. Indeed, their staff may be more qualified to comment on the activities planned.


So when the risks are looked at, and considered, somebody will make the decision if it is safe. Once done, the set needs proper scrutiny and testing - and if that too is safe, away you go. The reality is that somebody will need to make the decision and hopefully demonstrate common sense.


I've seen some really good scaff sets over the years. The best one was a play with music performed by adults for children. "The plotters of cabbage patch corner". Ramps, steps, ladders, slides, bridges, all scaf and board. Tons of foam, and the end result a multi level garden - creatures appeared and disappeared through tunnels and traps all over the place.


I've often thought that one of the most useful items for smaller scale set construction is a decent amount of Doughty clamps

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