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learning a strand 500series


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For those who dont know, I'm in spain but scottish and my spanish (technical) isnt exactly fluent yet...


I'm looking to learn to use the basic functions of one of the strand 520i's we have at work,

For now, I just want to patch some movers, be able to store some scenes and chases, nothing too complex, just enough to have a basic understanding at jobs and for testing in my workshop.

(eg, got one I repaired but cant test it cause I cant use it!)


I have used frogs so I'm not a completely new to the idea of how to interact with lighting desks and fixtures.


(I'm not going to be opping jobs (my experience is more in sound and MUCH more in video),

So, lighting desk experience isnt good enough and spanish isnt good enough for coms!)


Also stuck with having no-one spare who is able to teach me for long enough... were all just too busy!

(truth is not many people in the company know, hence the 2 of them are always out opping!)


SO.. self teaching is going to be the name of the game!


From the experiences of others, whats the best way to go about this..?

I've got the tutorials from strand website and had a wee read,

Will I just go through the pages one evening with the desk.... Or has anyone got other ideas?


At the moment it just seems a little daunting!

should it or is it easier than I think?

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Download the quickstart manual from the Strand website and work through that. Look at the newsletters articles from Rob Halliday (collected together in one download if I remember correctly) for more advice about moving lights and Strand 500.

Strand is not too difficult to self learn! Good luck!



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Liam's already said what I would've said - the Strand website has (or used to have, at least) quite a bit of decent tutorial-type downloads concerning the 500-series. There's also a reasonable "help" section on the desk itself that's often enough to get confused operators heading in the right direction again.


Pay a visit to the downloads section of the Strand site to see what you can find. If the relevant files have disappeared during the migration to the new Strand site, let me know - I think I have most of them stored away locally, so I can e-mail copies if you have no luck elsewhere.

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