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Yamaha MS101/3's for stage monitoring?


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Just a thought... I've been looking for some active monitors for our acoustic guitarists and keyboardists to use on stage - we've identified that having combo amps on the floor is rubbish because nobody (human) has ears in their ankles! In-ear monitors are also not really an option for a number of reasons. Stacking standard combo amps on boxes or other large objects is also not an option, so we're needing something that can be mounted on a mic-stand to get the box nice and close to the player's ears, which gives personal monitoring and helps keep volume levels down.


So - Something like the Yamaha MS101/3's would appear to be perfect for the job.


Two questions:


1) Do these speakers allow for Mic-stand mounting, either on their own or by use of an adaptor?

2) Does anyone have any other suggestions?


I've used Galaxy Hotspots before but not yet come across an active version. Bose 101's or JBL Control 1's would work but again there's no active versions I'm aware of. At this end of the market I guess I'm right in thinking that all of these boxes are much of a muchness???

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There is an active Galaxy Hotspot here (second product down)


our friends in Germany make an amp module which looks like it is designed to be bolted onto a Control 1


or there's the TC Helicon jobbies here



Are you sure those tilty stands for combos wouldn't work (assuming you've got the combos on stage anyway)?

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At this point, I'm really liking the look of the TC Helicon 200's - love the way they've thought out the mic stand integration. Anyone else got any other answers to the original questions?


C :D

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....and a wedge in front of them won't work?


Well not really - we don't have the floor-space for them without the conductor standing on top of them, or having music stands and humans in the way...


The monitors I'm spec'ing here are in addition to a collection of stand-mounted (and passive) stage monitors we already feed from the sound desk. These new ones are intended to be tonally-neutral and are specifically for local monitoring/reinforcement of guitars and keyboards, under the musicians control, rather than for general foldback purposes for which wedges would be more appropriate.

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